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Confederate Rebel Flags - all import

2x3-ft              $15.00  -  Import polyester

3x5-ft              $21.95  -  Import polyester

3x3-ft              (Out of stock temporarily.)

4x4-ft              $75.95 - import embroidered

4x6-in             $3.50

12x18-in          $7.00

12x12-in Confederate Battle Flag

12x18-in Confederate Flag

4x6-in Confederate Desk Flag

4x4-in Battle Desk Flag

Other Confederate Items

Bandanas & Handkerchiefs            $4.00

12x18-in Confederate Flag w/ Eagle

Confederate Battle Handkerchief

Confederate Bandana

Stars and Bars (First Confederate)

     -US made

3x5 ft Nylon            $42.80

3x5 ft Cotton            43.50

"Heritage Not Hate" 3x5 ft and 4x6 ft Flag

"I Ain't Coming Down" 3x5 ft and 4x6 ft Flag