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We started Abe Lincoln Flags Banners and Signs back in 1990 during the First Gulf War. President George H.W Bush was President.

Let's go back in time. John was born near the end of WWII in Indiana, PA. His family moved to Pittsburgh in early 1950's. Dad was a "Jack of all trades" working as a jeweler, door-to-door salesman, retail store seller and steel worker. Eventually, the family moved out of Pittsburgh and to the suburbs (Irwin/Norwin area).

John graduated from Norwin H.S and started his life's journey studying at the well-known and famed "School of Hard Knocks"! Like his dad, John did all sorts of things along the way; paper route 7 days a week, grass-cutting lawns in the summer and shoveling snow from the neighbors' driveways for $3 each; dishwasher at a diner, 15-cent hamburger flipper, door-to-door magazine subscription seller, door name sticker salesman, stockboy at Gimbels and later promoted to salesman; Steelworker at U.S Steel Corp in McKeesport, PA...then life change...the Vietnam War. John joined the Army.

Overall, John served overseas for 20+ years with one tour in Boeblingen, Germany, two tours in Vietnam in Hue/Phu Bai (101st Airborne Division, and later a tour at MACV Advisory Team 48 (Ham Tan). Also during the war he served in Hokaido, Japan, Udorn & Korat, Thailand, and after the war he served at Defense Attache Offices in Lagos, Nigeria (3 years), Accra, Ghana (2 years), Abidjan, Ivory Coast (2 years), Harare, Zimbabwe- formerly Salisbury, Rhodesia (3 years), and at the American Embassy in Bangkok for 2 years. During John's 22-plus years serving his country, he rose from Private, E1 to Sergeant First Class, E7. He was selected as a warrant officer and ultimately retired as a Chief Warrant Officer 3. John is enormously proud to have served his country and to have been a member of the 101st Airborne Division at Camp Eagle, Vietnam (MACV).

After retiring, John sold Yellow Pages advertising in VA, WV, PA, and NY.

Finally, he did what he always wanted to do...start a business. John and his wife, Nancy, started in the basement of their home in Vienna, VA and ultimately moved to their present location in the Merrifield area of Fairfax, VA.

They make many flags, banners and signs. They are dealers for a number of manufacturers.